8 Easy Tips for Winter Hair Care


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Cold weather is brutal on our locs.  When we’re outside Mother Nature freezes our hair and indoors the heater is zapping our moisture.  Use these easy tips to keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy, moisturized, and camera-ready during the cold months.  Taking care of your hair in the fall and winter allows you can flaunt your beautiful hair in the warm summer and spring.

Tip 1:  Drink More Water

Water is the elixir of life!  Drinking more water hydrates your hair and combats brittle, dry, rough hair.  Ever touch your hair in the winter and it feels like straw!!??  The quickest, easiest way to remoisturize hair is to drink water!  Added bonus:  drinking water also helps with hair growth.  So, cheers, DRINK UP!!

Tip 2: Use a Humidifier

Dry air is our enemy causing dry eyes, brittle hair, and patchy skin!  Humidifiers add instant moisture into the air and fight the bad heater dry air.   Adding moisture into the air will keep your skin supple, hair smooth, and eyes comfortable while you’re indoors hiding from winter weather.  Usually, the first indications of overly dry air are bloodshot eyes and chapped lips!!  Keep those lips kissable and those eyes clear!

Tip 3: Switch Up Your Products

When the weather changes I switch to thicker, more moisture-infusing products!  My hair has an instant appreciation for the new products and it shows with my first wash.

But, pay close attention to labels!  If your products contain humectants, you may be doing more harm.  Humectants are known to pull moisture from the air into the hair when there is humidity in the air but they also pull moisture from your hair into the hair when there is less humidity in the air.  So, while you think you’re moisturizing your hair you’re really moisturizing the AIR!!  No bueno!  If products list a humectant as one of the first ingredients I generally steer clear during the colder months.

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Tip 4:  Moisturize!

This post has a reoccurring theme: MOISTURE!!  Adding moisture and retaining moisture should be your top priorities this winter.  Deep conditioning more often, and using a steamer allows your conditioner to penetrate your hair more quickly and effectively.  In the summer and spring I deep condition my hair once a month, in the winter I deep condition my hair two times a month.  It helps, it works, DO IT 🙂

Added bonus:  hair steaming increases your scalp circulation and promotes hair growth!  Yeeeessss for collateral benefits!!

Tip 5: Wear a Silk-Lined Cap

Silk lined caps, scarves, and coats are an amazing accessory.  Your hair is nice and cozy under the cap and your ears are protected.  Caps are excellent for bad-hair days.  Are you headed to brunch and in need of a serious wash?  Throw on a silk lined-cap to protect your tresses while stylishly indulging and engaging.

Tip 6: Wash Less Often

Shampoos can be harsh, blow-drying is, well, drying!  Avoid shampooing and blow-drying your hair in the winter.  You may want to wash your hair every other week, or blow dry your hair on a cool setting.  Some suggest air drying more often, but I say steer clear!  Air drying hair in the winter may cause more harm than good.  The heater will immediately zap your hair, and the cold weather combined with your wet tresses may actually cause your hair to freeze and break off.

Tip 7: Wear Protective Styles

What is a protective style?  There are sooooo many theories surrounding what makes a style protective, why not present another.  Protective styles should protect, not cause more damage or harm.

Three easy rules to keep in mind when wearing a protective style.

  1. Protect your edges and nape with a silk or satin scarf
  2. Avoid tension
  3. Tuck in your ends

If you follow these three rules you’ll find the most delicate parts of your hair protected, strong, and sparkling!!

Tip 8:  Apply Rules Indoors and Outdoors

This is the hard part!!  Winterizing your hair, skin, and nails involves being deliberate when you’re indoors and outdoors.  When you’re comfy and cozy at home, watching tv your hair should be in a protective style; while you’re sleeping your humidifier should be working.  Dry air is the enemy, but we shall overcome!