Buns & Bangs

I love my bangs!! Check out one of my favorite hairstyles. It’s sexy and stylish!


Step 1: Flip hair forward.

Flip all of your hair forward to got maximum volume and fullness.  Some people tease their hair but I prefer not to.  Teasing can cause knots and breakage, and lead to thinning hair.

Step 2:  Split hair into two sections

Split your hair into half sections (top and bottom).  Secure the bottom section with a clip to keep your sections separated.

Step 3: Finger Comb

Finger comb your sections for less breakage, and a less-than-perfect look.  Perfect buns scare me!  Messy buns look more real and authentic.

Step 4: Make a Ponytail

Secure top with section an elastic/ ponytail holder.  You can use a scrunchie to add some size and form to your bun, or you can use a no-break elastic.  Do not put too much tension on your edges or pull your edges too tightly.  Tight buns can cause headaches and thinning edges.  OUR EDGES ARE OUR FRIEND!!

Step 5: Spin top knot

Spin your top hair around pony tail or scrunchie.  Keep your bun loose and give it a fuller look and lightly tug at your fun until you reach desired size.   Small buns are no bueno and make you look like you have less hair.

Fin!! Now you have a super sexy look that accessorizes a casual outing or an elegant night on the town.  ENJOY!


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